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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 1:27 PM

Tagged by the lovelies :icondarkdragonxxxxx: , and :iconsara-a2:


1. - You must posts these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
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10 facts

1. I am both hard to please and easy to please in regards to fantasy. As a hobbyist in lore, Cryptozoology, mythology, history, and an insatiable love of prehistoric things I am rather well versed and enjoy the use of such.

2. Books, books, more books I would gladly live in a library...or barnes and nobles...books.

3. I drink an unfathomable amount of tea..almost any kind of tea, with sugar and honey.

4. I love to draw, it has become somewhat an obsession, soo many ideas, not enough hands nor canvases .

5. I have a fish on my desktop that thinks he is an attack fish.

6. I feel often times people are intimidated by me, I would gladly converse with anyone. I'm actually quite not so serious. XD

7. What I would give to be able to animate and truly bring my story to life.

8. I often wear the color arrays of black, grey, and neutral colors. Not because I am "gothic" I simply don't like the way I look in color.

9. I enjoy challenging my artistic ability by doodling others characters and seeing if I can keep it both towards their style with a touch of my own.

10. I am first and foremost my worst critic.

:icondarkdragonxxxxx: Questions

1. Who is your favorite OC (Original Character) and why?
hmm favorite Oc...this one is most difficult. I have several I am quite attached too from my original story. But if I had to choose it would definitely be a tie between these two.
Provocation's Invitation BW by noctem-tenebris (old drawing is old) What You Have Taken by noctem-tenebris
My character Morgan, and her father Sirith. So much time, effort, agony, and pleasure has gone into these characters. Yet their relationship as father and daughter is one of my most important conflicts within my story. (I also put them through the most shit, *regrets nothing* >:} )
I enjoy playing with these two immensely and often time receive the most inquiries about their sordid creations.

2. What inspired you to draw the things you draw?
Heh...oooh that is a hard one. I am inspired by almost anything I find interesting. Could be anything really. Being a lover of classic things, archaic stories, and the latter, it is where I derive most of inspiration from. Such beautiful substance to me.

3. What are you life goals?
To do something with my life, and perhaps entertain a few people while I am at it.

4. Who has inspired you the most?
Da Vinci, james Gurney, many artists of the Renaissance era.
5. What is your favorite thing to do?
Read, write, draw, eat, sleep, exercise, repeat.

6. Do you play Video games? Which game is your favorite?
I am very fickle with the video games I play XD I like super long annoying games most prolly don't.
Favorite being FFX, FFVII, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Dragoon, Crash bandicoot, Original spyro, The longer the RPG and more in depth story, the more I will be engaged into it. I get bored easily with shooting games, racing games, and a lot of others. The point for me and a game is to be taken out of reality and immersed in a story I can come back to time and time again.

7. Own any pets? Want any pets? Dream pet?
An attack fish (betta named Lucifer)  (any of my headworld pets)

8. Favorite animal and why?
spinosaurus aegyptiacus   because...dinosaurs XD

9. The hardest thing you've ever had to do?
Move 600miles away from anyone.

10. What was your biggest success?
Moving out here, and living on my own with my beloved.

:iconsara-a2: Questions

1. What is the most happy moment in life and why? What makes you happy?
What makes me happy is knowing my beloved is happy being with me, and my lil attack fish.

2. What type of art do you feel more comfortable at? Digital/traditional...?
I am comfortable with both. Granted I still have a lot to learn with digital I am slowly understanding it more and more. :D

3. What's your favourite animal and why? (It doesn't have to be a pet)
 pspfpt another one of these...okay...umm   dunkleosteus he's a cool fish XD

4. What's your favourite tool/brush for sketching?
pen or pencil depending on preference

(".Do you have secrets you wanna reveal me? Just kidding.)
5. What is the most mysterious thing that has happened to you?
My dreams/nightmares, very lucid..real..and often times I die in them.

6. Are you happy with your drawings or while drawing? Or are you too critic to yourself like I am? xD
 I am first and foremost my worst critic hence why 90% of my work does not make it online.

7. What type of tablet do you own? If you don't have one, what type of notebooks is your favourite?
I have a genius, a wacom intuos 3, and a Huion.

8. Favourite movie/actor/director.
too many good ones I enjoy...but I'll leave you with this one.. Vincent Price.

9. Name of your first character. Megan Kyriasin...I loathe this one...current name Morgan Aislin Risaldin

10.Mother language. How many languages do you speak? What languages would you like to learn?
I wanna learn German XD

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