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A little About me


Welcome to my page,
I am Noctem-Tenebris
Artist | Writer| Multimedia| Aspiring

I extend my formal invitation to any whom come to take a gander upon my page. You are most welcome and I thank you for your time. Your visit means a lot to me. Anyone whom wishes to converse or ask anything of me, feel free too. I promise I do not bite, and I am not as up tight as my speech may make me seem to be. I am a rather laid back individual whom simply likes to art when I am able.


There are some small things I would ask those whom watch, RP with, or merely are curious of that which exists in my headworld.

Also please do not take my work unless I otherwise have accepted this in which case I usually don't. Respect my work please, don't use it as your own, and please do not repost it elsewhere without permission.



My best


Prioritiy List

Queue List

:bulletblue: StormKernDragon Ref sheet-FRBGFRC *paid for one- Progress Bar 06 by Pikishi
:bulletblue: Hatsjer of FA -Ref sheet*paid Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi
:bulletblue: PuddingGenocide FR character/ FRBG *paid Progress Bar 03 by Pikishi
:bulletblue: Xilimyth FR Bust (waiting on reply) 0% Complete by SimplySilent
:bulletblue: GrimmPrime FR character/ FR BG *paid Progress Bar 04 by Pikishi
:bulletblue: FelPhoenix Bust Progress Bar 05 by Pikishi

Art Trades
:bulletblue:Kiemari Rough sketch finished.
:bulletblue:AshasCadence Sorting out ideas pre-sketching.



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Tue Oct 21, 2014, 12:40 PM

--Making Art--



Where did you learn?

I am self-taught minus the couple of high school classes I took when I was younger that didn’t teach me much except that I didn’t want to be a dignified tracer. (Bad experience)  But I do my best to study from life and find ways to manipulate it into my work to make it more believable. I have fairly decent traditional and technical skills, still learning all I can however. I work now with digital, using photoshopCS5 and Corel painter 11 and am getting better with the programs. Still somewhat new to the software and digital art world I will take every critique and pointer I can to help improve myself.

I work with Realism (mostly in traditional media) surrealism, fantasy, landscapes, and am learning others. My specialty would have to be reptilian like beasts with lots of scales, I love to draw them. However I shall continue to learn all that I can in order to become better.


What are your influences?

I am able to derive influence from just about anything and my interests are quite varied. It may be something small, or something colossal but I tend to not limit my amount of influence lest I should limit what I can draw.

How long does each drawing take?

It varies upon piece depending on topic, subject matter, other person’s time limit, my own time limit and my work time. I do my best to get things done in a timely manner. But as we all know, it isn’t usually so simple.


What program do you use?

Digital- Adobe Photoshop Suite CS6/ CS5 versions, Corel Painter 11, Paint Tool SAI, Alchemy, My Paint, and MS Paint.  I also use a genius tablet, Wacom Intuos 3, and a Huion 5.

Traditional- Paper, doesn’t really matter what kind, a normal uniball pen, and or regular 0.5. mechanical pencil.

Where do you get your ideas/ creativity from?

From the monsters in my closet… Um to be honest I have an over-creative imagination and often day dream especially when left by myself for long periods of time. Where they derive from I remain uncertain.

How come you art is so Dark?

This I think is a matter of personal opinion, I believe it is normal for me. But the context of dark may have come from my somewhat rough and sordid upbringing that I also grew to distaste colors, cute, and among other things. Things I find the latter may not be so in the eyes of others. A lot of my work depicts my own personal demons, and thus I can understand if it isn’t “pretty” It isn’t meant to be. It is to give life about what I normally can’t through words or speech.



Why don't you upload things more frequently?

For one, quality over quantity, and I have a job that takes up 12-14 hours of my day.



--Drawing Techniques--


Can you teach me how to draw?

Sadly I do not see myself as a teacher as I often struggle and attempt to learn in each piece I do. So it would be best not to ask me, though I do not mind critiquing nor redlining another’s work.

How do you plan out drawing?

Just start doodling really, as I best think about work if my hand is in motion.

What size canvass do you work with?

Anywhere from 5000px to 8000px depending on what sort of picture I am trying to achieve. I like the bigger canvases for my details.


How many layers do you use?
 Generally speaking two, a foreground, and a background, but it usually also depends on the piece.

Do you use references?

As much as I can get away with so not only does it look good, but it remains believable and well within my own eyes.

How did you get your 'style'?

Pain, blood, sweat, tears, and lots of hours of practicing.

What Brushes do you use?

Some customs, but mostly the normal basic set on PS.

Which drawing tablet do you use?

Wacom Intuous 3.




I comment on your drawing but didn't get a reply, why not?

It greatly depends on the time I am online, given my job it keeps my amount of online visits slim to none. I am currently trying to attain better employment so I am not gone 3/4ths the day.

I don't like your art.

Matter of opinion, I didn’t draw it to please you, rather I drew it to please myself. As art remains subjective, you are entitled to your own opinion as I am entitled to dismiss it. So oh well find something that does entice you. I may not be it.





Do you do requests?

Sorry, I don't.


Do you do Commissions?

Sometimes I do. You can click on the commissions’s tab for more info.

Can I use for your art for a school project? Will you answer some questions for me?

Please I would rather you not, as a lot of my pieces hold a lot of significance to me and I don’t need you thinking you can just up and steal small fragments of my soul -^^^^^^^^- But in reality please don’t. Some of my work belongs to their owners whom have purchased commissions from me, and my own personal bares a copyright.


Will you review my art?

I would be delighted to help in what small ways I am able.

Do you have any tutorials?

I am not the best of teachers. So most likely not.

Can I draw something inspired by you?

You are always welcome too, feel free to post a link, I would be delighted to view and comment upon it. Put it within my favorites as well.



Is this your job?

As much as I wish it were, it is not, I work as an Armed Security officer and unfortunately it takes up most of my free time.




Can I use your work for tubes?

No sorry.


Can I use your art for my avatars or icons?

If you use my work for your avatar, signature or icon on dA or elsewhere please say in your signature 'Artwork by Noctem-Tenebris' and include a link back to my gallery.

Can I Share your art online?

Please don’t unless you intend to credit me and link it back to me. My art means a lot to me, and it isn’t up for grabs.

Can I use your art for something personal?

Again, please don’t unless you run it by me first and I allow it.

Can I use your art for something commercial?

No, never. My art may not be used by you for your financial gain. You may not use my art on a product you are selling or advertising. You may not offer digitally my art for sale. This includes selling 'adoptables' of my work or lineart, or traced/copied versions of my drawings. Never offer my work for sale in any printed or physical medium.

I can, and will, peruse legal action against anyone who infringes my intellectual property for their financial gain.


Can I feature your art?

How very kind of you, please feel free to on your journal, website or wherever :heart:


Can I get a tattoo of your art?

Unless I design it, I would rather you not given my headworld, or commissioner’s works. I don’t need my work stolen any further.

I found your work posted on another site without credit, what should I do?

Unfortunately this is not uncommon, there are various versions of my work with the watermark edited out and no credit being given circulating the web. I do need you guys help with this :)Please could you comment on the drawing to tell the user and viewers that the work is by Noctem-Tenebris and link them to my gallery. Simple really! Why people don't credit in the first place I'll never know! XD




Can I color your lineart?

That's why I put them up! I learned a lot from coloring others line art, and so hope to pass on that to you.

You don't have to ask to color your have my permission.

Do you have rules for coloring your lines?

In the description there are the rules of coloring. They are fair for us both, so please be aware if you don't follow them I will ask for it to be removed.

The most important ones are to always provide credit for the lines, and never remove my text.

Will you review my finished coloring?






Where are you from?

I am from the US, I won’t put my state of origin, nor my personal location. It is not needed.


What would you be if you weren't an artist?

Musical creator, or simply a writer whom toggles too much with computers.

Any random facts about you?

Happily insane, and enjoy listening rather than talking. I tend to enjoy exercising my observatory skills.


Listening To:
Deathcab for Cutie
Modern Warfare 2
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Into the Hollow path unfolds.
  • Reading: My writing


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